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Can Bleeding Gums Kill You?

Maybe you're thinking: "Wow, Doc! We're being a little dramatic here, aren't we?"  Well, read on. No doubt, this title will elicit a few snickers and maybe even the occasional one-liner like "No, but I know someone whose breath could kill!" Nevertheless, the...

Applying for Dental School

I have been out of dental school for (cough) a few years now, so I wasn’t particularly curious about the subject of applying to dental schools for myself. But a friend raised the question recently, and it made me wonder – beyond the United States – what are the best...


Dr. Richard Walicki is a dentist practicing general and cosmetic dentistry. While we hope you find the information contained herein interesting and useful, this blog is for informational purposes and is not intended to diagnose any oral disease. Dental conditions should be evaluated by your dental health professional or a qualified specialist.



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