Strong, beautiful, and discreet.

Chances are that you have met someone with a dental implant and didn’t even know it. Completely natural looking, they have saved countless beautiful smiles. Dental implants are on the leading edge of technology and use special biomaterials – and they can be placed in only one or two office visits!

Dental Implant You may be a candidate for dental implants. In our office, we coordinate treatment with a periodontist who handles the first step of the procedure.

Implants are basically artificial tooth roots which anchor to surrounding bone and to which replacement teeth are attached.

The periodontist handles the first part of the procedure, which is placing the tooth root. Once that step is completed, I complete the second step which involves making the replacement tooth.

Permanent replacement teeth can be made translucent like natural enamel and are framed by your natural gum tissue.

Implants are long-lasting and reliable – and actually, quite cost effective. The cost to replace a single tooth with an implant is comparable to making a dental bridge. But, unless you’re 125 years old, most bridges will have to be replaced after several years. (Five to fifteen is the national average.) Implant crowns can last considerably longer because there is no natural tooth structure beneath them that can decay and if the crown comes loose, it is usually just a matter of re-cementing the crown.

Implants can replace one tooth, rebuild an entire jaw of missing teeth, or be used to secure dentures.